Hendrick’s Gin Summer Radio

Client: William Grant & Sons

As Hendrick’s Gin drinkers, we were delighted when we were approached to create their summer radio campaign. Our goal, to capture Hendrick’s highly distinctive visual brand personality in sound and celebrate the cucumber garnish which is uniquely Hendrick’s. Once we combined the gatsby-esque sonic world with the ‘cue the…’ format we unlocked a theme which was carried right through to the live reads and sponsorship messages. Across the campaign you’ll hear Hendrick’s celebrate the first drink of summer, and the first drink of the day – all perfect moments for the refreshingly curious flavour infusions found in Hendrick’s.



Cue Summer, 30 sec

Cue the Hendrick’s, 30 sec

Cue That Time, 15 sec

Cue Summer, 15 sec

Live Read, 10 sec


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